System that Checks for Bad Addresses

Any recommendations??

I actually found one in Jotform where whomever is filling in the address section, it will be verified (SWEET)

BUT - When we send our File to the peeps that send our “paper” Newsletter out, we get a bunch they have “scrubbed” and say they are Bad - Yet Boss says they are not.

Anyhoo - Can someone suggest a system where I can check about 3000 contacts?

I use Data247.
They work well with integrations (Integromat and Zapier) so you can automate the verifications.


We have a service that can do more than just check for bad email addresses. It will report spam traps, tell you if it’s a brand newly created address, tell you if it’s an address that has any activity on it (ie not monitored by someone), if it’s a conversion risk, and even if it’s associated with a high number of complaining.

This way, someone can decide if they want to require a confirmation or just request a different email from their contact based on the history of the email address use.

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