Retrieve all the recent orders

I have to retrieve all the recent orders for a particular contact_id. I can use the /transactions GETapi to do so. But I face the following issue:

For my Rails project, I use the gem infusionsoft. They do not provide a method to get the transactions. If I try to use the RESTCLIENT, then the access token is required. But we use the Infusionsoft API KEY as the api_key in the configuration. Hence we do not have the access token in hand and we are stuck here as we can’t hit the exposed /transactions api.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

if you’re using Ruby then you can make cURL calls to the REST endpoints of the api

Thank you for the response. I understand your point. But how do we get access token to make this request?

You have to use OAuth and then maintain the refresh of the tokens every 24 hours. I have a video I’ll share below that covers the details of the process. It’s run through in PHP but the process is what you’d focus on and using the REST endpoints with cURL is how it would have to happen. If you’re not familiar with Postman then you might want to look into using it to work out the details of a REST call and then it can give you the code automatically to use.

I would use the local installed version (not the browser plugin) for postman if you wish to check it out: