Product Naming Convention Suggestions?

I’m looking for best-practices for product naming conventions so I can clean up the back-end of my IFS.

I’m a composer/performer with an online school, so some of my products are online classes, some are yearlong memberships, some are RENEWALS of yearlong membership, and some are licenses to perform my work and some are miscellaneous one-time invoiced amounts (which I created as products because I didn’t know any other way to do it).

I’d love to hear how others name their products so that the names make sense and so that, when looking at the list in alphabetical order, the order makes some kind of ‘sense.’


Sounds like you a unique situation with your business.
I can pass some suggestions to you, to see if it would help.

Have a think on what type of structure you want to setup for your products.

You can use the Product Categories to help you filter on things. You can setup a Main and Sub Category.

Or alternatively, what you could do is to use a dash " - " in the Product Name to indicate some sort of category, for example:
- Membership - Monthly - New
- Membership - Yearly - New
- Membership - Yearly - Renewal
- License - Personal - Performance
- Class - Guitar - L01
- Class - Guitar - L02

Another tip is that you could use abbreviations to identify things, so like the Guitar Class it indicates what Class / Level it is.

Hope that helps.