Possibility of opening SSN to API

I understand this could be seen as a security hazard, but in writing an application to be used entirely internally for a client, it is a little bit frustrating that we can’t access this field. They’re an accounting firm, and as such need to use this extensively between accounting systems, and also lodging documents.

Is there any chance of this field being opened to the API?

Good afternoon, @Brendan_Cole!

I spoke with our Product Manager about this, and at this time we have no plans to expose the Social Security Number field through the API.

I’m not surprised that SSN isn’t going to be available via the API.
The alternative is to put SSN into a custom field instead of the normal SSN field. That probably introduces some security issues, but I think it’s the only way you’ll be able to get SSN into and out of Infusionsoft.

It is understandable, but does mean we have to resort to this less secure method to utilise it. :confused:

Thanks for the responses.