Passing total sale value as a token

Any ideas on how to pass the total sale amount from a form (not shopping cart) as a token I can add to a tracking pixel on the corresponding thank you page?

ie: http:// trackingpixel /&amount=[totalsaleamount]


Hi Jim,

Did a little digging on this and spoke with one of our Advanced Support team members to see what options might be available. We did find that Infusionsoft does not have a feature to currently pass the total sale amount, but there was a thought of the API possibly. There were a couple theories that you may be able to write a script that could pull the most recent sales data from the contact’s ID. I am not sure if you are wanting to utilize the API, but this seems to be the best option available. You may want to drop in under the API Discussion section of the community if you run across any troubles that you would like to try to get some feedback on.

I am also going to work on some feedback to the development team to see if a built-in feature to pass this type of data to a thankyou page could be a possibility in the future.

@Jim_Lefkowitz I had to use the API to accomplish this, my custom thank you page hits the API to get the most recent order total and then creates the required url format. If you have a WordPress site you can use the Novak solutions SDK plugin or Memberium’s i2SDK to get API access inside wordpress and pull the data that way.


Say I have a wordpress site that is connected to infusionsoft via the api - how do I include the price in the thanks page?

Having trouble finding an example…