Need a developer for Atavist & Infusionsoft project

I have a Creatavist / Atavist subscription service setup ready to go and need to interface with my Infusionsoft CRM. Basically just need to apply a tag when a prospect subscribes to the subscription service and becomes a customer. . Has anyone done this before? Are there any developers in the Infusionsoft community already familiar with Atavist? Do tell me this is easy :slight_smile: thanks

This is the Creatavist Developer docs which may help with my question.

I would send a developer to look at our Developer docs: Home ยท Atavist/developer Wiki ยท GitHub. These docs walk through the essential steps. You could also let them know that Atavist custom elements โ€“ such as custom blocks, title designs, and navigation types โ€“ are web components built with Polymer, consisting of HTML markup, Sass, Polymer element definitions, and some JSON that describes what aspects of the navigation type are configurable by users.