Multiple paths exiting nodes in workflow

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Please see attached.

In one of our workflows there are multiple paths leaving a node. In other tools I have worked with, this isn’t possible. This was set up by a predecessor. Can someone judge if this looks correct and functional? For example, what happens when soemeone exits node “Sales Agent - Existing Customer” (within this node we create a task and apply a note).

The way you have this laid out, there really are not nodes involved. The path ways would all just get used, every one of them. For example, after exiting the sales agent existing customer sequence, it would goto both the task and sequence that follows. The same would be true for the wait for buy which would go to the tag applications and the sequence all at once.

I don’t know your goals here but it looks more like you intend to have conditional paths and this will not do anything conditionally.

Shot a short vid to explain a bit better:

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