Managing Refreshed API Customer Delta Data from API Feed

We have a customer database in IFS and we want to refresh it with the Delta Changed data to then push back into IFS Customer Database.

Changes fields what we want to update include updated email adderss, phone number, last visit, address, inactive

Can this be done withing IFS or does a data extract from IFS need to be done and then compared to new API data feed and then the entire database updated or only the refreshed data updated in IFS.

We are new to this - as we have only now just managed to create a unique indentifier that can link customers in our External Database that can now link to the new IFS Database



Hi @Trehan_Stenton, one option would be to use rest hooks to be notified when contacts are added/edited. This will not give you a delta but you could then load the record and figure out what was changed yourself or just update all of the fields that you’re tracking.

So in short (if I’m understanding) you want a DB and IS sync on updates? We had done this for a couple of clients in the past and it involved (as @Nicholas_Trecina has already suggested) endpoints for the DB side to update IS with and webhooks for IS to trigger the DB updates.