Is there a way to grab the authorization code from json response

woo hoo! got it verified. seems i had to use delayed verify since the localhost isn’t a quick response like on a dev server…otherwise a timing issue. onto triggering the rest hook event.

wholly batman! that same hookUrl endpoint receives it. i saw it in my ngrok monitor and was like what is that? sure enough it is my event being triggered. by george i think i’ve got it!

lol Awesome! Glad it’s working for you :wink:

@John_Borelli i’m running into a weird issue where i’m trying to store my x-hook-secret from the infusionsoft verification post request. but it doesn’t seem to get stored in session variables. how have you been able to store this piece of information for use in let’s say a delayed verify call?

For what purpose? Do you mean for validating later? I don’t know about that feature as I’ve never had to use it…my hooks get validated in real time so I’m not sure about how that feature functions. Otherwise, I can’t see a reason for storing the x-hook-secret

Yes exactly. What do you normally do if don’t get verified real time? Create another hook or regular verify?

In my builds, if I don’t get the verify the first time, it’s because I did something wrong and have to fix my code. I’ve never had one that wouldn’t verify when I passed back the x-hook-secret correctly.