Infusionsoft Opt-out, UK Charities and the Fundraising Regulator Code of Practice

Every UK charity that is a member of the Fundraising Regulator (Which the UK Charities Commission is enforcing upon all charities) has to adhere to the Fundraising Regulator Code of Practice (

Part of this code of practice deals with Direct Marketing communications and permissions. Section 5.5 states that:

In practice, all relevant electronic messages (for example calls, faxes, texts and emails), as well as most addressed mail are directed to someone, so they fall within this definition [Direct Marketing]

Section 5.5.5 states:

All permission statements (wording to gain consent for marketing purposes) displayed in fundraising materials MUST be at least the same font size as the larger of

a) any text asking for the recipient’s personal details,

or b) any text specifying the donation amount. If there is no text asking for personal details or specifying donation amount, any permission statements MUST be in the minimum font size of 10.

The FR has confirmed to us (CfaN UK), via email, that a permission statement includes an opt-out permission and that opt-outs needs to adhere to this requirement.

Currently in Infusionsoft there is no control over the font size of opt-out statements. In order for UK Charities to comply with FRCP there is a requirement to change the opt-out permission size to match that of any ask for details or finance. Is this something that can/will be added to Infusionsoft in the near future?