Id column missing in Tags API response (InfusionsoftTagModel) JAVA SDK


We are using JAVA SDK, in the TagsApi response, id column is missing in the Model “InfusionsoftTagModel” while the documentation response shows tag “id” column in the response.

Please help.

Thank you

@Herbert_Robijn1, it seems likely you are using the pre-release Java SDK that we have been experimenting with. You should note that it is not in any way yet ready for wide consumption, and is currently v0.0.1-alpha.

We will of course welcome feedback regarding it, but we have done some iteration on it that has not made it to public publication.

Hi @TomScott

Thanks for the response.

Can you please let us what is the correct API we need to use for Java? the location of documentation?

Thank you.

We currently do not have an official Java SDK for the API publicly released. What most people do is manually create the the calls using some REST framework. There are many java REST clients out there. We are working on producing SDKs in many languages, but right now this is highly experimental.

Hi @bradb

Thanks for the response.
yes. we are working that way.