How to get cash forecast by product for more than one day?

Is there a report that works like the Cash Forecast report under E-commerce > Reports that can constrain on one product only instead of returning data for all products?

I want to know how much IS forecasts a certain product of ours will bring in over the next six months. And I want just that one product.

The way the report currently works is if I put in a time constraint of the next six months each data is a line item and contains forecast cash for ALL products. It’s only by clicking on details for each date that I can see the products. That suggests I’d have to click once, pull that one product detail, then go back and continue the process 181 more times.

Surely, there’s some other way.

Any suggestions, input, comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Having the exact same issue. Did you ever find a way around this?

Unfortunately, no.