Help Scout Email Error

I use Help Scout and want to route some of my automated campaigns that are support related through by support email that goes through Help Scout. I attempted to use the “other” email field in the campaign builder and got this error report from Help Scout. The regular support has no idea why. Can anyone help me?

Error email MESSAGE:

InfusionSoft Error
We’ve recently started seeing an error when attempting to connect your InfusionSoft site. The error is as follows:

Invalid Configuration: for help setting up your API, please contact Infusionsoft Support

How to fix it

First, double-check your app settings and make sure the Account Alias and Key are both correct.

Second, double-check the setup instructions to ensure nothing was missed.

If InfusionSoft still isn’t working properly after following these steps, reply to this email for additional assistance.

Hi @Jill_Martin, it looks like Help Scout uses OAuth to authenticate the connection to your Infusionsoft application. I would try re-authenticating the account by following the instructions found here: Infusionsoft - Help Scout Support

If you re-authenticate and still errors, feel free to post the new error back on this thread.