Hello my name is deborah and i would love to know exactly how do I get paid from this

I just set up my Midas Legacy Pk. and would love to know how do I get paid after these steps are applied?

I can’t wait to tell you exactly how the business works! The online model is a departure from selling products. We do no selling.
I’d be doing you a disservice if I don’t give you as much information as I can! I’d never be able to give you enough information for you to make an informed decision here so please register at https://beanblossommarketing.com/ for a free information session! And tonight we are having a Live Information session at 7pm MST. It costs nothing to listen. Talk soon!

Have a Blessed Day!

Hi Diana,

You might want to obtain an SSL certificate as your website prompts a not safe warning.
Although your optin page for your lead capture and “about us” is secure.

Just passing along a friendly tip.

You can use PayPal, paynet, also pioneer payment check and direct deposit. If I’m not mistaken.