Field population

I have a cleaning company and i have a webform on front page. on the book page i use another form to let people book. how can i take the info they put in on the first page populate and onto the second page.

Not really clear the details around what you’re asking. When you say, “on front page” what does this mean? and “on the book page” where is it? Are you using a scheduling solution like schedule once or applointment core? Or maybe you’re referring to Keap and not Infusionsoft?

sorry for not being clear. i am talking about the home page of my website the other form is a scheduling app named launch 27. i want to put a webform on the home page of my website which i would get from infusion soft. i would like when a person fills out the webform on the first page i also want form on the launch 27 form to populate at the same time.


Ok, that makes some sense. Our company does a very similar approach with appointmentcore. So I don’t really know much about launch 27 but most systems will allow population of their forms by passing GET parameters to the form when it’s called. So how you did this can vary widely with what plugins/theme you use (I’m assuming it’s a WP site?) but generally the idea is the same. If indeed you’re using WP then there are plugins to help you manage sending parameters with form submissions. You would probably have to consult the launch 27 documentation about what methods they allow for pre-populating forms (it’s a common question so there should be something on it).

A quick google search led me to the documentation below, which tells me that you can send parameters to the page directly. You’ll just need to know the names of those parameters you need (in the example below the parameter is named ‘zip’)