External npm Library's Use of Certificate File


Note: I am using the Legacy XML-RPC API as not all data I need is available through the REST API (cannot access Contact Action > Notes).

I have been using the infusionsoft npm module to access the Legacy XML-RPC API. However, this library is not up-to-date with the current Legacy XML-RPC API, so I am looking elsewhere.

The Infusionsoft Node.js SDK seems to cover all my uses. My question is:

Why does the Infusionsoft Node.js SDK library use a certificate file (referenced here in the repo files)? Is it necessary / safe to have this file used?

No other library (infusionsoft, Infusionsoft API, Infusionsoft Javascript API) makes use of a certificate file.

The SDK that you linked isn’t owned or maintained by Infusionsoft. I would direct any questions regarding it toward the maintainer of the repository.

Thank you for the response.

My question was trying to get some guidance as to whether a certificate file is necessary or reasonable to use with your API.

https certs are not required but each api comes with a .PEM file. I was pretty sure that Novak solutions did too but, last I checked, they do not support the OAuth authentication model or REST, which will eventually be required so it might be a better choice to go with a supported version of the API.

Thank you for your assistance.

So, cert files are not required but they are harmless when used as shown?

I can’t use the the non-legacy REST API as it doesn’t fit my current needs unfortunately.


OAuth is just the authentication portion of the process and can be used with all the same api functions the standard sdk has used…meaning, there is no difference in anything except the authentication method and using OAuth will allow for you not to have functionality that will eventually be phased out. The REST implementation uses the same credentials but it is true that they still have much to do with it in development. So I would still suggest using OAuth with the SDK to prevent later failure (whenever they decide that would be).