Does Keap have its own PHP SDK?

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I have a few questions that I have really been struggling to find.

i will be using either the Keap Pro or Keap Grow plans.

I would like to use the Keap software on my Laravel website. The web developer that i am working with wanted to use a PHP SDK for keap to implement it on the website. I sent him over this documentation

He wanted to know if he could use this PHP SDK with the Keap Pro or Keap grow plans.

The documentation says it is for infunsionsoft and I can’t seem to find any Keap specific PHP SDK.

Do you have documentation specifically for Keap and not for the entire Infusionsoft CRM platform or will the documentation I linked above work for Keap Pro and Keap Grow plans?

We only need to implement email service provider functions and nothing else.

Here are the Keap functions that we need to be implemented:

At this time, we will only be needing basic functions of Keap integrated with our Laravel website.

  • Tagging of subscribers
  • In our profile section of our website, we are going to have a form with different checkboxes for the various types of emails that we will send out to our subscribers. It will look like something similar to this:

  • The user can go into the profile section of their website and check the various boxes for the specific emails that they would like to receive. When a user checks these boxes, we would like the keap software to tag this user based on their selections in the keap software. If they unselect a box, then we would like to remove them from this tag.
  • Also, when a user first creates an account, we would like them to automatically be added to a specific email list and be tagged. So an example would be that once a user creates their account and verifies their email address, then a checkmark automatically gets inputted into a specific email list and the user gets a specific tag in the keap software.
  • Once these users have been subscribed to an email list, we would then like to add them to specific email sequences that we create.

- Future Integration

  • In the future, we are going to have an online store and marketplace and will be needing to tag users based of specific actions like making a purchase, clicking on a specific button on the website, etc. Would this be possible to add tags to users based on specific actions on the platform?

Are there any examples in Keap specific documentation can be implemented for Keap for email service provider functions?

If you could get back to me with any answers or comments on this, I would really appreciate it as I have been having a hard time finding this information.

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  • Daniel Strongin

The Infusionsoft api works with all flavors of Keap. They are all the same tables that are accessed and the methods are all using that same information, with the following two exceptions:

  1. Appointments are handled with the Google api in Keap whereas the ContactActions table handles the Infusionsoft appointments.
  2. Keap uses Deals and Infusionsoft uses ‘Opportunities’. With Infusionsoft these opportunities can be manipulated with the table access provided by the API. With Keap, there is no exposure to any of the tables that make Deals work.

Finally, the dev may also want to consider looking at the REST offering as well. Many things are handled differently but it also offers webhooks which can come in handy. There is a requirement of using OAuth for REST and some devs are not familiar with that form of authentication, but it’s worth it in some cases, to consider REST or even using both the api key and oauth collectively in some cases.

Thank you for your response @John_Borelli. I appreciate it!

I have talked to my dev and he said that he really prefers using a PHP SDK as the REST will take significantly more time to implement.

Will all of the tagging and untagging of subscribers and adding them to specific email lists based on their actions on the website be implemented with using the documentation here?

Thanks again for your help @John_Borelli

Hi, @Daniel_Strongin,

For general tagging and removing of tags, the SDK should prove sufficient. The control of that will be in the hands of the developer and the particulars involved for your business, but to code for tagging and removing tags (as well as creating contacts and other general functions), the XML-RPC version will work just fine.

Awesome! Thank you again for the help here!