Delete saved search batch

Can one delete saved searches that are created automatically when importing? At the moment it has to be done one by one - surely there must be a batch delete option somewhere?

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I also would like to know how to delete saved searches in batch.

delete saved searches in bulk
delete saved searches in batch
delete many saved searches at a time

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I would also like to see this feature added.

Reviving this conversation. We have over 175 saved searches — mostly “Imported” and “Updated” searches that are created automatically by Keap, going back to 2016! So annoying that we cannot find any way to batch delete. Help Keap!

It would be a nice feature especially considering how many people rely on imports in their workflow.

Unfortunately, not even the api has the ability to delete these. The only course of action is, as everyone clearly knows here, load the search and action->delete it.

I would suggest that everyone here and anyone they can get to do it, post it as a request on the

features are, for the most part, scheduled by expressed public need so the more the better.

Excellent. Thanks! I wish they had something like a page, so people could upvote feature requests.

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