Custom API for Email Forward with Attachment

I am hoping to have an email (that has a WAV file attached) forwarded to all contacts with a selected tag.

Infusionsoft Tech Support says I will have to have a custom API written… So…

I’m looking for someone that can write the API - or provide a better solution…

My church wants to set up a Prayer Request Line, so when someone calls the Prayer Request number, they can leave a message that is auto-magically shared with everyone on the prayer list…

Church will have a Web Page with a Web Form that all members of the Prayer Group will go to and “sign-up” to get on the list… meaning tagged as “Prayer Group Member.”

Then, as the need arises, someone will call the church, select the option for the Prayer Requests… The will leave a VOICE message that says “Hey. my dad was just in a car wreck and is being taken to the emergency room… Please pray for him…”

As soon as that person hangs up, the church’s voice mail system will immediately email that WAV file to any ONE email address (as designated)…

I’m hoping it will go to something that can then forward that same email (with the attached WAV file) to everyone with the “Prayer Group Member” tag…

That way, people can start praying within minutes.

But also… if anyone knows how to set up (or has/knows of a solution for) an unlimited forwarders Forwarding Email Address (my host only allows 10 users per) that would/may be even better/easier.

Thank you,

Hi @Michael_Baumann,
This may be a little more involved but I think a potential solution would be to use the following methods.
First, you would need to Upload the file from the voicemail to your application, then you would want to retrieve the file download URL. From there you would call the send an email method and include that download url as part of the email body.

I believe that most of the developers in our marketplace could help with this, feel free to check it out.