Country List Custom Changes

I have some clients from Taiwan. And when I create a common webform with Country field,

‘Taiwan’ display as ‘Taiwan (Province of China)’.

This hurts the sentiments of my clients because according to Taiwanese, Taiwan is called as ‘Taiwan (Republic of China’ or ‘Taiwan (ROC)’ or just Taiwan.

If the developer and get an update to this, it will be helpful (if not I have to look for some other 3rd party webform options).

(Even if the developer can give the infusion soft admin / owner of the account to make custom changes, will solve the problem).

Any solution to this is very highly appreciated.


Hi, @One_World_Academy. Infusionsoft follows ISO 3166-1. You can read about the naming dispute regarding Taiwan on that page. Every ISO standard has disputes it seems.

Workaround: If you are using our HTML forms, you can just change the name in the code, but only If you are using Classic Infusionsoft as there is an additional search field (below the drop-down) made for that scenario.

I also have some contacts who have reported this issue with the naming of Taiwan (Republic of China). Is there any new update as to whether this name change will be made, or if it’s still a questionable area. this is the feedback I have received:

I live in Taiwan, a country. You could say it as Taiwan, Republic of China, but never be “Province of China”. I will also very happy if you just simple call it “Taiwan”