Can't mark message as ready


I changed a template to remove a a phone number merge field and replace it with a new static number.

When I tried to mark it as ready I received this message.

Unable to mark as ready: Your message is blank. Please add content to the email body.

Why can’t I save this message and what can I do to fix this critical lifecycle message.


It sounds like you were editing a template in your Marketing-Templates area. This message is usually caused by there being no text in the ‘Plain Text’ tab of the template. This builder is a bit older so it contained a plain text option for back when not all email inboxes rendered html emails (not the case these days as even our phones render html emails). Usually this tab contains a default message stating ‘if you are having trouble viewing this email click here’ and a hosted email merge field. If you ensure that this plain text tab has some text in it, your changes should save and you should be able to mark the template as ready.

That seems to have fixed it, thanks James.

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