Can't get rid of Spam Traps

We’ve been getting notices 3 months in a row that we are hitting several hundred spam traps, but we’ve followed the clean up proceedure to the letter twice now, in 2 consecutive months. We unsubscribed everyone who hasn’t interacted with us in the past 4 months and set up an auto rule going forward to email accounts inactive for 4 month with a notice that they are going to be unsubscibed and give them one chance to remain subscribed if they choose. If no reply is received, they are unsubscribed. With all of this, how are we still hitting spam traps? Much less over 600? We can’t figure how this is possible.

It sounds like you’re doing what you need to do on your end, so I would reach out to support and see what they say. I know they cannot tell you which email addresses are spam traps, since that defeats the purpose of them. Most spam traps are initially legitimate email addresses, but they have been abandoned. ISP’s will take them over to monitor email traffic that still comes to them, since senders who are using good list hygiene should stop sending after awhile (usually 120-days).

I do not know how long it takes for various ISP’s to determine that an email address has been abandoned - I assume it differs among them. The article here is two years old, but gave some specifics that are much shorter than I initially thought.

  • Outlook: 270-days
  • Gmail: 270-days
  • Yahoo: 180-days (+60 days for each year you’ve been a customer)
  • AOL: 90-days

Support should be able to get you more actionable information.


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