Can I Setup campaign just to follow one client?

can I Setup campaign just to follow one client?

Hi Jay,

So, your question feels a little vague. Can you clarify a bit?

A “campaign”, at least in Infusionsoft, is usually a process. Either a marketing process, or an internal process.

And the benefit of building a campaign is that you’re able to use automation to make the process as fluid as possible, and reduce the manual steps and efforts that are involved - like, nurturing someone toward a sale, or, fulfilling on a purchase after someone buys.

So, you COULD build a campaign that you’d use just for one person - but the real benefit of a campaign is that you get to reuse it. You do the work once, and then you’re able to funnel prospects and customers through it over and over - saving yourself time and effort, and providing a consistent experience.

You’d lose out on some of that benefit if you only used the campaign for a single client.

Hope that makes sense.

Here’s a little more info on campaigns:

You can of course, but I can’t imagine a use case for the effort and just one contact…still, more details?