Am trying to order the instantfitness copy....why am I being redirected

How can I get the instant fitness copy???

Hi Karl, I just want to make sure I am on the right track where are you seeing the instantfitness copy that is redirecting you?

First time it says I wasn’t authorized etc…then I can’t seem to even purchase it! Is there another way to obtain it? Is there a link?

Can you clarify what this is? Where are you trying to access it?

This what I keep being redirected to
After I was on the

Oh I see. You are trying to purchase but it’s not taking you to the Order Form. It looks like this belongs to Fitness Revolution Nation which you can visit their website to ask them for the actual Order Form URL. Right now it’s connected to a Sample Order Form and trying to log you into their account which is why it’s telling you do not access.

Ok thanks!