Affiiate Tracking Links Table Name and Schema


I am using custom links for each of my affiliates and right now I have to create them manually. I want to automate this process at the moment the Affiliate is created. I am using the ASP.Net API library and need the name and schema of the table that holds the Affiiate Tracking Links so I can create the necessary link for the new Affiliate automatically. It is not on the documentation.

Does anyone know this?

Thanks in advance,

Americo Montañez
Arkan Naturals

It is possible to retrieve the list of existing Affiliate Links from the Legacy XML-RPC API, but unfortunately we do not have a method for programmatically adding them.

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@TomScott, thanks for your answer!

I intend to use the DataService.add method from the Legacy XML-RPC API for which I need the Table Name and the Table Field Names with data types (schema) . With this it seems all I need is the Table Name and Schema to make the call.

Tables have to be mapped specifically for access through that method, and some of them have complications or complex data that make them difficult to provide. If a table is not listed on the Legacy Table Schema documentation page, it is not currently accessible.

Thanks for the info! Then I will use a screen automation tool for this task.